The infinity symbol resembles the shape of a sideways figure 8.

Regener is a promise to deliver dynamic & iconic developments targeting domestic first time buyers. We promise to not just regenerate sites but also lives though our charity initiative regeneration.



Our ambition to continue to create unique developments is aligned with our aspiration to create opportunities to change people’s lives for the better.

There is a growing issue with the number of people sleeping rough, with the number rising daily. 4,751 people slept rough in 2017, up 15% on the previous year. Regener8tion aims to help some amazing charities tackle this problem head on and prevent it completely in the long term. We are committed to working with local partners and projects in areas we are developing on the following:

  • To donate the equivalent funds to take eight people off the street per night, for every home we get planning permission for.
  • To allocate up to 5% of our total s106 contributions towards local homeless causes and projects to ensure a long-term solution for those currently living on the street.

We are proud to announce partnerships with New Hope Watford, Landaid and Centre Point. We are launching a Regener8tion Charter that will urge other developers and councils to sign up to the principles of the campaign and make a difference nationwide.